Neighbors helping neighbors!
Neighbors helping neighbors!
Our services are confidential and offered at NO CHARGE. Our trained volunteers are prepared to lend a helping hand where possible, including:
  • Day-to-day needs such as transportation to the grocery store, doctor appointments or to the pharmacy.
  • We can also do your grocery shopping for you!
  • Home visits or friendly phone call visits.
  • Letter writing or mail pickup.
In-home assessment will be made to help determine your needs.

We are NOT an emergency service, and are not meant to be your only means of transportation, shopping, etc. We have a good capable group of volunteers, but all our services are dependant on which volunteer is available at any particular time. If we are unable to meet your needs, we will let you know in a timely manner.

Note: Our volunteers are trained, insured and have proper identifcation.
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