Neighbors helping neighbors!
Neighbors helping neighbors!
We are your neighbors living in Berkshire & Richford, NY, supporting those townships in upper Tioga County! We believe that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, and that there are people willing and able to provide that service in some way or another.

We all are valuable parts of our community and can make our community a better place to live. Please consider volunteering – there are lots of ways to help, and we need your special skills!

Some people love to use their people skills, while others prefer to use their fix-it skills! You can drive (reimbursement for mileage is available) to doctor appointments; pick up some groceries for someone, or a prescription at the drug store. Perhaps you would enjoy reading to someone or just chatting on the phone.

There are many things needed, and being able to fill those needs requires a willing volunteer. Remember, everyone needs a helping hand now and then! If you wish to become a volunteer, please fill out the following form and mail it to us: VOLUNTEER FORM (PDF)

Contact us to schedule a training class – new ones are being held as needed. Then get ready to make some new friends and enjoy a sense of pride as you see the quality of life improve in your community!
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